A true solution is more than just a great software platform…

MCM Technology, LLC (Mcmtech) leverages our comprehensive knowledge and experience to implement complete solutions and leads the way in industry best practices. Our team takes a consultative approach to ensure our customers get the most out of the software and services we provide. Our project team works hand-in-hand with each customer. Contact us if you want to learn more about any of the services we provide.

Business Process and Personnel Assessment

Our team spends time pre-engineering each project by assessing the current processes and work flows of the organization, as well as the personnel and roles / responsibilities of all those who will be managing the software. This allows our engineers to both gain insight on how our customers currently operate their business and potentially find ways to improve processes or better tailor our solutions to their needs. The goal of this service is to identify and improve processes and to increase efficiencies throughout the implementation of the solution.

Installation Services

The MCM Project Team will either install the software in our cloud-hosting environment or work with the customer’s IT staff to install and set up the software application and SQL database on their network & servers.

Database Configuration

Every customer’s operation is different and based on the findings in pre-engineering, our team will configure the solution to best fit that customer’s needs. Configuration involves the setup and tailored design of the client’s asset application and database. Configuration includes adding users, applying customer specific settings & permissions, defining lists and drop-down windows for data fields, and managing data requirements & fields within the application.

Data Conversion

During the implementation, our team wants to ensure that data is entered as efficiently and accurately as possible. Data conversion includes taking existing electronic data formats (Excel, delimited text) and cleaning, formatting, standardizing, and converting it to populate the new database. Sample data may be requested prior to conversion for planning and preparation, during the pre-engineering process. Our project team works closely with the customer to make decisions on standardizing data and reviewing / auditing the final data for conversion.

Project Management

A Project Manager will be assigned to cover all functions of managing the system implementation including project planning, scheduling, and post implementation wrap-up and sign-off. Operational Project Management is geared to address the day-to-day management of developing tasks and ensuring compliance by all parties to the targeted and timely end-goal and a smooth go-live of the system.

User Training

The Mcmtech Project Team will train user groups by application module or task. Training is generally offered to groups of personnel that perform similar tasks. All areas of the solution that pertain to the client’s processes will be covered, using real-life examples. System training and new work flow processes, based on the findings of the pre-engineering services, will be integrated and covered in detail during training. Mcmtech uses a variety of teaching methods including one-on-one individual training, classroom or web-based education. Engineers will tailor the education to fit the number of users, timeframes and available resources & facilities.

Ongoing Support & Maintenance

Software implementations are only be successful if the deployment has been carefully planned and executed, and if it’s properly supported. With every solution, MCM includes the services to provide a full year of Support & Maintenance. This is an annual contract that is renewable at the customer’s discretion. Support includes access to a toll-free service number and an on-line support portal. We also believe that as technology advances, so should the tools and process of our customers. As we continue to improve, update, or add features to our solutions, we distribute annual software releases to customers who have an active support and maintenance agreement.

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