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Why Communications Focused Asset Management?

The complex and unique requirements of communications asset management demand a solution that is purpose-built. One that can account for all the intricacies involved in the day-to-day tasks of a communications operation. Using log books and spreadsheets to manage assets requires careful versioning, struggles to record device-level transaction detail, and limits user access. And broad-based, standard asset management offerings are not designed to capture the unique requirements of a radio communications operation, resulting in low user adoption and overall value. Neither meets the need of the radio communications professional.

Our solutions are built for communications professionals, by communications professionals. By enlisting the help of some of the largest and most successful communications shops is the country, we have been able to create applications that go beyond simple asset tracking to give our customers everything they need to truly protect their communications investment.

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Solutions for the Public Sector

Our Public Sector line of solutions is built around the idea that every communications operation is different. What is imperative for one operation may be a non-factor to another. Therefore, we created an offering of solutions that could be customized on-the-go to meet each customer’s exact needs. To accomplish this, we developed an architecture where by way of different modules, features could be added and removed based on the customer’s specific requirements. While each Core Application is fully operational on its own, additional modules known as Enhancement Applications can be added to the Core Application to ensure that it meets the customers needs. We offer three different Core Applications each of which is designed for a specific situation. Each Core App contains a standard set of integrated modules that work together to provide the functionality required to effectively manage a communications operation.

CommSHOP 360°CommSHOP 360º Screeshot

CommSHOP 360° is built for customer owned and maintained (COAM) radio systems. From asset tracking, to work order management, to customer billing, it is a true all-in-one solution that will do more than enhance your operation, it will run it.

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CommASSET 360°CommASSET 360º screenshot

CommASSET 360º is built for operations who do not perform maintenance in-house, but still have significant asset management needs. It transforms piles of paper work and spreadsheets into a collection of organized digital records.

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QuartermasterQuartermaster Screeshot

QuarterMASTER 360° is designed to handle the assignment of asset and consumable inventory to people and departments in a streamlined, easy to use application. Increase accountability when it comes to tracking how you assign your equipment and inventory throughout your organization.

CommXPRESSCommXPRESS screenshot

CommXPRESS is built for organizations with significant asset management needs but limited resources. It contains the same standard tools as CommASSET 360º in an off-the-shelf, hosted-only package, so installation is quick and easy.

For Two-Way Dealers

Because managing a municipal communications shop and a two-way dealer communications shop vary in many ways, we created a tool specifically for use by two-way service shops. It combines the powerful asset tracking tools found in our other applications with a feature set specifically designed to meet the asset management needs of two-way dealers.

XpressTRACK 360°xpresstrack screenshot

XpressTRACK 360º is a hosted-only asset management application that allows your shop to record device level information about the assets you are maintaining. It also serves as an asset tracking tool for your customers. By logging into a secure web portal, your customers can make changes to asset information such as ownership, alias and status in real-time, so everyone always has access to the most updated records.

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Enhancement Applications

Enhancement Applications are optional modules that allow customers to customize and expand the functionality of their Core Application. Each one is designed as a stand alone program that fully and seamlessly integrates into the Core Application for efficient data sharing and reporting between modules. While we have a set of eight existing Enhancement Apps, we can also custom build apps should a customer's situation require it. These custom built apps will have the same seamless data sharing and reporting capabilities as the standard Enhancement Apps.

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