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Procurement Services

At MCM, we pride ourselves on providing solutions and part of a complete solution is finding a way to procure the tools you need. This page will provide information and links to resources that we hope will help streamline the procurement processes for MCM’s Solutions.

With many of our customers being State & Local government entities, we understand the need for competitive procurement and have established a number of pre-competed, nation-wide contracts on which our solutions may be purchased. Below is a closer look at the contracts we have used to date with a link to the site that will provide more information about participation on the contract, including registered users.

Contracts to Buy Our Products

This contract originated out of the Fairfax, VA area and is now used by State & Local government entities across all 50 states. This is one of the more widely accepted contracts in Government procurement. MCM is partnered with Insight Public Sector to be able to take advantage of this contract. If you don’t see your agency listed on the list of Registered Agencies, start the process here:

Additional Information

Partner Contracts

One of the primary objectives for MCM’s channel partner sales model is to offer numerous options for how our solutions may be procured. In many cases, the most streamlined procurement method is to determine how the purchasing agency prefers to do business and allowing MCM to evaluate if we have a current partnership or contractual relationship that will allow us to proceed in that manner. MCM has formed many new business partnerships as a result of this method and will entertain all options that may make life easier on the prospective client as they attempt to get the tools they need to run their business more efficiently. Please take some time to visit our Partner page to find out which businesses we currently partner with – you may see some names you recognize. In the case of our resellers, they may very well be able to use existing contracts with your agency as a vehicle to procure MCM’s solutions.

Competitive Procurement

Assuming one of the above contracts or existing partner contracts is not available as a viable procurement vehicle for MCM’s solutions, MCM has Subject Matter Experts on hand and available to assist in the procurement process by providing technical specifications that may aid in a prospective customers understanding of the unique features and functionality that they require for their operations to ensure they meet the objectives they have set out to accomplish. Without proper knowledge of the functionality available in industry specific asset and work order management solutions, it may be difficult to frame up a Request for Proposal that accurately describes the need of your organization. Let MCM help educate and prepare you for this task!


While many agencies have their own grant-writing / contract specialists, MCM has experience in assisting our prospective clients in identifying which grant programs are available for their agency that could be used to fund MCM’s Solutions. There are a number of grants related to Public Safety Communications and MCM can help identify and write the response for how our solutions comply with the objectives of particular grant programs.