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MCM Technology in the News

San Bernardino County, CA- The county of San Bernardino California has chosen to move forward with a comprehensive solution from MCM Technology to handle their communications maintenance needs. Their solution consists of a CommSHOP 360° core application and multiple enhancement Apps including WebSUITE 360°, Workflow Alerts, and Radio ID Management. They are also taking advantage of numerous Professional Services to make sure the processes in place will withstand the test of time. “We are very excited about San Bernardino coming on board.” Said John Leonard, MCM’s Vice... Read More →
MCM has started gearing up for the 2012 APCO International Conference & Expo, August 19-22 in Minneapolis. APCO is the Public-Safety Communication Industry’s largest event, and MCM is planning on making a splash this year. In addition to showcasing our suite of industry leading solutions on the trade show floor, we will also be co-hosting a round table event aimed at connecting Public Safety publications with industry experts. Our hope is that information from some of the Communications Industry’s leading minds can be shared, resulting in increased efficiency and better... Read More →
Louisville,KY-Louisville MetroSafe Communications has decided to move forward with MCM’s CommSHOP 360° asset and work order management solution. While some of the details of the implementation remain confidential, we can confirm that they purchased 20 user licenses and customized their solution with multiple add-on applications such as ID Management, WebSuite, and Workflow Alerts. Louisville’s EMA/MetroSafe Communications was established in 2005 as a phased approach to creating a one-stop shop for 9-1-1 call handling and dispatching. In addition, EMA/MetroSafe is comprised of... Read More →
Fredericksburg, VA– Users from 8 different agencies in the region joined us for our 2012 Atlantic Region Users Conference. It was a great learning experience for both MCM and our users. We got a lot of great feedback from users dealing with how our product is performing in real world scenarios. We learned what was working in our system, what was lacking, and what direction users would like to see our product move in the future. In turn, our users learned how to better apply MCM’s applications so that they are getting the most out of their system, as well as the best new... Read More →