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Managing assets and managing the service of those assets should be of the utmost importance and part of any agency or multi-agency Public Safety entity.  In this case, assets are defined as “Communication” based assets or assets and equipment that are part of a Public Safety Communications Radio System.  These assets include but are not limited to radio subscribers (Portable & Mobile Radios) and FNE (Fixed Network Equipment).  Properly managing upwards of hundreds of millions of dollars of Mission Critical equipment is a task that should not be taken likely or without proper thought.... Read More →
FOX NEWS- The U.S. Marshals Service has lost track of approximately 2,000 encrypted two-way radios worth millions of dollars, The Wall Street Journal reported Sunday. The paper cited internal records obtained through a public records request in their report, adding that the problems date back to at least 2011, when marshals were using new versions of the radios in the field. In interviews with the Journal, some marshals expressed concern that about the prospect of criminals getting hold of the missing radios and using them to gain intelligence on law enforcement activities. U.S. Marshals... Read More →
June 27th @ 2:00PM EST Please join us for a live webinar and workshop on government funding tools and best practices presented by MCM Technology and PCS Mobile. This session will be offered live on Thursday, June 27th @ 2PM US-EST. About this webinar:  This webinar/workshop will focus on the different procurement vehicles that can be used to acquire government funding.  Budgets within today’s government are shrinking on almost a daily basis. Fortunately, there are several options available to help you get the funds you need to operate. This highly educational session will provide you with... Read More →
With FirstNet efforts in full swing to provide emergency responders with the first nationwide, Public Safety network dedicated to data interoperability, we are working closely with many of our customers to ensure they get the most value out of their MCM solution through integration with other applications within their organization.  By allowing our customers to further leverage existing technologies through interoperable data sharing, we hope to prepare them to comply with the objectives of FirstNet, an independent authority within the National Telecommunications & Information... Read More →
Apr 2013
As with most areas of life in today’s world, the Public Sector of radio communications revolves around the almighty dollar. What you can do is largely dependent on what you afford, and what you can afford is largely dependent on what kind of funding you receive. Unfortunately, due to budget cuts, far too many communications operations are finding themselves choosing between necessary projects and necessary personnel. Over the past few years however, MCM has noticed a growing number of communications shops that are saying “good-bye” to the notion of limited funding. By implementing the... Read More →