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MCM Technology Adds Several New Clients

Will Be Rolling Out Business Intelligence Dashboard at Upcoming Trade Show

February 22, 2016:  Birmingham, AL based MCM Technology is pleased to announce the addition of many new and notable clients over the past several months.   MCM finished 2015 with strength and momentum, and is poised for further growth in 2016. MCM has recently added numerous key clients, such as Arizona Department of Public Safety; Miami-Dade County, FL Fire & Rescue; San Diego County Sheriff’s Department; Hamilton County, IN; Coral Gables, FL; Cobb County, GA; Oklahoma City, OK; Polk County, FL; among others.  The common thread among these new partners is that they are all utilizing MCM’s flagship core application – the CommSHOP 360° solution.  This particular core product offering provides functionality beyond MCM’s CommASSET 360° solution.  MCM serves over 160 public safety and commercial organizations across North America, including 7 of the 10 largest U.S. Counties, and has implementations in 37 states, Canada, Germany and New Zealand.

MCM’s applications are designed to track, manage, and maintain communications assets and infrastructure, primarily in public safety and first responder communications shop environments.  MCM’s solutions are designed specifically for the unique workflow and asset configurations that are found in the communications environment.  Aside from the first responder and public safety community, MCM’s solutions are also being utilized by utilities, transportation and airport authorities, healthcare entities and governmental IT entities, as well.  The company’s clients range in size from small municipalities that are managing 300 assets, to large county, state and federal organizations that are managing well over 100,000 assets.  The CommASSET 360° platform is designed for basic asset tracking and configuration management in the unique workflow environment of a communication operation.  The CommSHOP 360° platform is built for “customer owned and maintained” radio systems – where work orders, preventive maintenance and radio configuration changes are a part of everyday life.   MCM also offers a broad suite of optional, enhancement applications and modules that allow users to customize the functionality of their core application.

MCM is exhibiting at two upcoming industry trade shows: APCO’s Western Regional Conference in Portland, OR on March 8 & 9, where representatives will be in booth #321; and the IWCE Expo in Las Vegas on March 23 & 24, where representatives will be in booth #1840.  At the IWCE Show, the company will be unveiling its new Business Intelligence ShopVIEW 360° Dashboard.  This dashboard is designed specifically for CommSHOP 360° users and will allow them the ability to see a real-time snapshot of the current status of the shop’s operations and operational efficiencies.

Tom Bartels, MCM’s President and CEO commented, “MCM’s team is proud to have the opportunity to serve some of the finest and bravest in our country – the first responders.  When we see news headlines about the incidents and challenges that these brave individuals face on a daily basis, we have a sense of pride knowing that we are indirectly helping them do their jobs more effectively and with a greater degree of confidence – especially if the headline is about one of our clients”.  Bartels added, “The new clients – or ‘partners’ as we like to call them –  that have come on board over the past several months have placed their trust in MCM’s proven solutions and track record, and we could not be prouder to have the unique opportunity to extend our service and support to these organizations.”

About MCM Technology, LLC

MCM Technology is a Birmingham, AL based software company that builds applications designed to track, manage, and maintain communications assets. By relying on heavily customizable feature sets and proven workflow processes, our applications give organizations the visibility they need to run at maximum operational efficiency.