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Implementation and Support

Implementing a system-wide solution can be a complicated and intimidating processes. From training users and aligning new shop processes, to coordinating with the IT department for installation, it requires the cooperative effort of numerous people. Therefore, MCM deploys an entire team of people to make sure every project we take on is a long-term success. From a project engineer who will manage the project from start to finish, to a dedicated support team that can handle any question or issue that might arise, we take every measure to guarantee a smooth installation and transition.


Before we begin configuring an application, MCM project engineers travel to the customer site to evaluate their current operation. We look at current workflow processes, identify any obstacles that may need to be considered, and gather current data for conversation and import into the new application.


When the application is fully configured, the project engineer comes back on-site and works with all parties involved to get the software installed. Once it is fully functional, we sit down with everyone in your operation for training. Then, once everything is in place, and everyone understands their job, we push the solution live.


When the solution goes live, MCM's project engineers are on-hand to assist with any issues that might arise. This includes monitoring system performance, answering questions, and making tweaks as needed. Once the solution is fully functional, your operation will be transitioned to MCM’s support and Maintenance program where dedicated support staff are standing by to assist you with any problems that might arise.

Technical Support

A solution is only as good as the people using it. Therefore we provide a dedicated toll free support line as well as an array of online support tools designed to keep our customers' operations running at maximum efficiency at all times. But we want our support model to go further than simply fixing problems as they arise. We want to help our customers grow. We believe that as technology advances, so should the tools and process of our customers. Therefore, we provide annual software updates that will ensure our customers remain on the cutting edge of technology. We also provide consultative services to help our customers navigate the sometimes complicated world of radio communications.

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