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CommASSET 360º

Asset Tracking Specifically
Designed for Communications

CommASSET 360º is designed to maximize your asset management efforts by centralizing and digitizing data, making it easier than ever to find, update and report asset information from anywhere at anytime. This ability takes the guesswork out of decision-making and makes for a more accountable, efficient and profitable operation.

Specifically designed to give you a comprehensive picture of your asset inventory, CommASSET 360º transforms piles of paper work and spreadsheets into an collection of organized digital records, making it easier than ever to find and record asset information. In addition to recording assignment and location information, it also lets you record LMR statistics such as codeplug version, firmware, alias,and trunking IDs and more.

  • Standard Functionality

    •  Manage the different organizations with whom you do business
    •  Store device-level information such as date-in-service, warranty info, and programming info
    •  Easily transfer assets between users, locations or departments
    •  Automatically build a complete history of all transactions around a single asset
    •  Have custom reports developed to your exact specifications
    •  Interface with 3rd party applications for added functionality

    Standard Modules

    Agency Module
    Asset Module
    Reporting Module

    Optional Modules

    Mobile Asset Assistant (MAA)
    Radio ID Management
    Recurring Billing
    WebASSET Manager
    WorkFlow Alerts

  • Operating System

    Server- Windows 2008 R2 or later
    Client- Windows 7 or later

    Database Platform

    Server- Microsoft SQL 2008 R2 or later


    Database Server- Dual Core Processor 8GB RAM, Raid 5 Drive configuration


    Core Client- Client-Server environment for on-site install Citrix ICA Web Client for hosted install

    Web Client

    Client- Microsoft Silverlight

    Network Speed

    Server- (minimum) 10 Mb, (recommended) 100 Mb
    Client-(minimum) 10 Mb, (recommended) 100 Mb

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