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About MCM Technology

At MCM Technology, we have only one mission- to help you protect your communications investment. This mindset is the bedrock of MCM. While the circumstances may change over time, our mission will not. I guarantee it.

-Tom Bartels, President

MCM Technology has been building software for the public sector of radio communications for more than twenty years. With more than 160 implementations in 38 states, we have established ourselves as the leader in communications asset management solutions. From small, single user deployments such as Oak Ridge, TN to true enterprise class systems such as Harris County, TX, our solutions can be found wherever there is a need for communications asset management.

Built upon years of experience solving radio-centric problems alongside radio professionals, MCM has developed a suite of applications that are specifically designed to track, manage, and maintain communications assets. By relying on heavily customizable feature sets and proven workflow processes, our applications give operations the visibility they need to run at maximum operational efficiency.

In-House Design and Development

Each one of our solutions is designed and built in-house by our Engineering and Development teams. This allows us to work with our applications everyday to make sure they meet our customers every need. It also gives us the ability to custom develop enhancement applications should a customer need it. This way we can be sure that no matter what your need is, we can handle it.

Industry Proven Solutions

No one knows the communications industry better than the people who work in it everyday. At MCM, we know this. Therefore, we enlist the expertise of communications professionals to help us design our solutions. By asking them what they need to successfully manage their operations, we have been able to develop a suite of solutions that provides all the tools necessary to manage a fully functioning communications operation.

Expanding Our Reach

When MCM was first founded, our sole focus was public safety communications. Now, 20 years later, our solutions can be found in private companies, large-scale events, remote operations and more. While the majority of our customers are still in the public safety sector, our software can be found anywhere communications assets are deployed.

Who Uses Our Software?

MCM's software can be deployed anywhere there is a need for communications asset management. While the majority of our customers are organizations within city, county, and state municipalities who are responsible for public safety communications, we have recently moved into the private sector of 2-way radio communications with Hurricane Electronics coming on board. Visit the Contact Us page to request a complete list of our current and past customers.