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Texas Department of Public Safety to Deploy MCM Solution Statewide

February 2, 2015: The Texas Department of Public Safety (TxDPS) has chosen to move forward with MCM Technology’s CommSHOP 360º solution to track, manage, and maintain all communications assets, infrastructure, and vehicles within their organization. Headquartered in Austin, TxDPS is responsible for statewide law enforcement and vehicle regulation in the State of Texas. Serving an area larger than 260,000 sq. miles and a population of more than 23,000,000, TxDPS is one of the largest Departments of Public Safety in the country. They will join several organizations in the state of Texas currently utilizing MCM the likes of which include Harris County, the City of Houston, Montgomery County, East Texas Medical Center, TX Dept. of Criminal Justice, Bell County, City of Ft. Worth, and Bexar County. TxDPS will utilize CommSHOP 360º to:

  • Efficiently track all public safety communications assets such as portable radios, mobile radios, mobile data­ terminals, laptops, and tower sites as well as manage their entire fleet of state-owned vehicles.
  • Track all radio programming information such as radio IDs, firmware, code plugs, and more.
  • Properly maintain and repair all equipment as well as monitor the costs of such repair efforts.
  • Appropriately comply with any asset managing standards required by the rollout of FirstNet.

Commenting on TxDPS coming onboard as a customer, MCM’s President Tom Bartels said, “Having an organization such as the Texas Department of Public Safety choose MCM is truly an honor. It is a direct reflection of the other successful implementations we have in the state and across the country”.

The Texas Department of Public Safety joins the ranks of other North American states to deploy MCM such as Oregon (ODOT), State of Mississippi, Virginia State Police, and New Mexico (DoIT).

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