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QuarterMASTER 360°: Increase control and accountability of your assets and inventory.

Building on our core competency of asset management and inventory tracking, MCM has developed a new QuarterMASTER 360 application to help meet a common need among users in the Public Safety industry to get better control on issuing equipment and inventory out to people, locations and departments.

While our flagship, CommSHOP 360 Solution includes the capability to manage both serialized assets and consumable inventory, the new QuarterMASTER application offers a more streamlined process allowing users to create a simple transaction designed solely for assigning items to employees, agencies and departments.

QuarterMASTER is the perfect solution for the logistics counter of a Fire & Rescue department; issuing a new cadet his or her gear in a Police Department or Sheriff’s Office; or even restocking inventory on an EMS vehicle. Any environment where individuals receive inventory on behalf of themselves or their department would benefit from QuarterMASTER 360.

The QuarterMASTER application can be added to an existing CommSHOP 360 solution as an enhancement module, or it can be purchased as a standalone solution to be accompanied by MCM’s Agency, Asset, Inventory and Purchasing modules. This application seamlessly integrates into these other modules, allowing assets to be re-assigned appropriately when issued on a QuarterMASTER transaction and inventory to be relieved automatically as part of the transaction.

The QuarterMASTER web portal also allows end users to create a shopping cart by searching and selecting the items they wish to request via an on-line catalog with thumbnail pictures. When the user “Checks Out” after shopping, the system automates a new QuarterMASTER transaction to be created, and MCM’s Alerts application can trigger email notifications to be sent for those orders to be fulfilled by the core users of the system.

  • Standard Functionality
    • QuarterMASTER 360° can be offered:
      • as a new module to an existing CommSHOP 360° Solution,
      • as a second database to an existing solution,
      • or it may stand alone as a new solution.
    • Easily create transactions to issue assets and consumable inventory
    • Automatically assign assets to a person and department/location
    • Automatically adjust inventory quantities on hand
    • Manage pharmaceutical expirations and dates
    • Build kits to assign multiple inventory items at one time
    • Increase accountability with barcode scanning and electronic signature
    • Print receipts for proof of acceptance or delivery
    • Easily receive and restock returned inventory
    • Facilitate efficient chain-of-command processes for inventory assignment
    • Historical reporting by agency, department, employee and date range

    Standard Modules

    Agency Module
    Asset Module
    Parts Inventory Module
    Purchase Order Module
    Reporting Module

    Optional Modules

    QuarterMASTER Web Portal (web ordering)
    Workflow Alerts
    Web Asset Manager
    Signature Capture
    Employee record loader/Vehicle record loader

  • Operating System

    Server- Windows 2008 R2 or later
    Client- Windows 7 or later

    Database Platform

    Server- Microsoft SQL 2008 R2 or later


    Database Server- Dual Core Processor 8GB RAM, Raid 5 Drive configuration


    Core Client- Client-Server environment for on-site install Citrix ICA Web Client for hosted install

    Web Client

    Client- HTML5

    Network Speed

    Server- (minimum) 10 Mb, (recommended) 100 Mb
    Client-(minimum) 10 Mb, (recommended) 100 Mb

  • MCM Overview Brochure
    Learn more about who MCM is and what we do.

    QuarterMASTER 360° Brochure
    An in depth look at the features, functionality, and implementation process of QuarterMASTER 360°.

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