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In working for MCM the past 8 years, the 4 hour plane ride from Birmingham, AL (MCM HQ) to Las Vegas, NV has been become as familiar as a casual stroll around the neighborhood with the family dog (granted I don’t really walk my dog very often!).  Over this time, I’ve attended about 10 tradeshows at the fabulous Las Vegas Convention Center, consequently having developed the unique talent of being able to draw out the entire Vegas Strip without missing a single Hotel & Casino in a mere matter of minutes. Why so many trips to Sin City, you ask?  The biggest contributor happens to be the... Read More →
Washington D.C. – MCM plans to attend the 2012 All-Hazards/All-Stakeholders Summit in Washington D.C. on November 29th, 2012. These events bring together public sector professionals from all over the world to discuss the different challenges we face in today’s world and what we can do to make the world a safer place for everyone. We feel that the 2012 All-Hazards/All-Stakeholders Summit is another great opportunity to touch base with our industry to make sure our products meet the ever changing needs of the Public-Safety industry. In acknowledgment of his company’s attendance of the... Read More →
MCM plans to host its second Users’ Conference December 12th in Orlando. Anyone who is a current user is welcome to attend. The Cost of the event is free, but attendees will have to pay for travel and lodging should they need it. MCM will also be giving away a FREE Apple iPAD to those who qualify. Read More →
Sep 2012
Bring your data to life! MCM’s latest enhancement application is an interactive mapping tool that seamlessly integrates with our core application, allowing you to see your operation in an entirely new light. By graphically mapping your infrastructure locations, SightMAP 360° doesn’t just tell you where your assets are located, it shows you. See what your operation is missing Through the SightMAP 360° graphical display, you can see information pertaining to: What sites are in need of preventative maintenance Where work orders of a certain type or status are being performed What... Read More →
Minneapolis, MN- MCM wrapped up another APCO conference as a smashing success. Right from the beginning, there was a constant buzz around our booth that resulted in a ton of new leads and business connections. It was great to visit with new prospective customers, and put a few faces to names we have known and been supporting for years. More than anything else though, APCO 2012 was one of the most gratifying conventions we’ve ever had. We had more people stop by our booth that had not only heard of MCM, but specifically sought us out on the show floor to discuss their asset... Read More →