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FROM FIRE CHIEF, APRIL 28, 2014- Long-Term Evolution is the current technical standard for 4G high-speed wireless broadband voice and data communications, usually associated with commercial applications. However, the nationwide public safety broadband network (NPSBN) currently in development will leverage the same LTE used for commercial cellular networks. In 2012, the U.S. Congress authorized the allocation of 700 MHz dedicated spectrum, dubbed the D-Block, to the public-safety community. It also created FirstNet, a governing authority charged with overseeing the NPSBN build-out. Public... Read More →
Mar 2014
In the realm of Public Safety, few things are more important than communication. Without it, medics can’t be called, backup can’t be requested, coordination as a whole ceases to exist. Because of this, massive amounts of resources are invested to ensure reliable and constant means of communication are available to first responders. But what are the true costs of this “all out” approach to communications management? All too often, mismanagement of these resources leads to disorganization and inefficiencies that inflate operating costs, robbing other departments of much needed funding. In... Read More →
From… I’ve asked a few folks to send broadband predictions for 2014. I’m hoping to post them in the next week or so. (Let me know if you’re interested in sharing your look at the future!) I’ve started with my own – just to offer a model. Because I normally focus on broadband in Minnesota, I’ve tried to look more broadly at broadband. Wireless I’ve had a few conversations in the last few months on wireless options and the role wireless will have in ubiquitous broadband. I’ve always figured there is a place for wired (fiber) and wireless options but I figured wireless... Read More →
FROM PR NEWSWIRE….UNIVERSITY PARK, Ill., Oct. 15, 2013– As mobile technologies and social media channels continue to penetrate Americans’ communications behaviors, emergency managers are working diligently to ensure emergency communications keep pace. This is one of the findings from the 2013 Federal Signal Public Safety Survey, which examines some of the greatest challenges currently faced by emergency managers. The survey, following on the heels of September’s National Emergency Preparedness Month, comes as recent tragedies in Yosemite National Park and Aurora,... Read More →
September 13, 2013- MCM Technology is excited to announce that in an effort to strengthen its relationships in the Public Safety arena, it has partnered with communication infrastructure leader Patriot Tower. Occupying a unique position of leadership in the public safety arena for nearly 25 years, Patriot has become synonymous with advanced communication and infrastructure solutions for Federal, State, and Local agencies. “Patriot’s reputation in the communication and tower infrastructure market is impressive and MCM is truly excited to have them as one of our newest partners,” said Tom... Read More →