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September 17, 2014: Harris County, Texas has chosen to move forward with MCM’s CommSHOP 360º solution to manage their entire 24 county radio network. Spanning more than 48,000 square miles and serving 1,242 customers, this is the largest customer of MCM’s to date.Harris County is MCM’s 6th implementation in the state of Texas, joining the City of Houston, Montgomery County, East Texas Medical Center, Texas Dept. of Criminal Justice, and Texas Dept. of Public Safety as current MCM customers. Efficiently track all public safety communications assets such as portable and mobile radios,... Read More →
After Ferguson, Calls Mount for Police to Wear Body Cams (From Yahoo) NEW YORK — What if Michael Brown’s last moments had been recorded? The fatal police shooting of the unarmed black 18-year-old in Ferguson, Missouri, is prompting calls for more officers to wear so-called body cameras, simple, lapel-mounted gadgets that capture video footage of law enforcement’s interactions with the public. Proponents say the devices add a new level of accountability to police work. “This is a technology that has a very real potential to serve as a check and balance on police power,” says Jay Stanley,... Read More →
The Harris County Information Technology Center’s Radio Services team currently provides radio system management for a P25 network spanning 48,000 square miles, 24 counties, and 1,242 agencies / customers – supporting a wide array of functions from police, fire and EMS to public service, roads and bridges, schools and animal control. The system consists of 103 total sites between P25 digital sites, legacy analog sites, and microwave sites, and includes 64,619 active subscribers. Needless to say, this is one of the most complex systems in the country. Situation Harris County, TX is the... Read More →
With recent advancements is computing technology, the IT world has started to take on a larger role in the area of radio communications. Urgent Communications sat down with Steve Elias, owner of BAYCOM to discuss…You can also read the full article here. FROM URGENT COMMUNICATIONS, JULY 16, 2014– Steve Elias, owner of BAYCOM in Green Bay, Wis., shared his ideas about RF and IT convergence in modern communications—as well the impact this trend has had on personnel and training within his company—during this conversation with IWCE’s Urgent Communications Editor Donny Jackson. As... Read More →
For communications professionals across the country, public enemy number one is inefficiency. Whether it is unnecessary waste of time, effort, or money, inefficiencies plague performance and hurt your bottom line budget. Join Jon Campbell and Kurt Abts as they take us through spotting and stopping unnecessary waste within your operation. About the Webinar: This 3 part webinar will show you the common pitfalls in asset management that lead MCM to create our suite of Enhancement Applications. MCM’s top-level Engineers will take you behind the scenes of our Enhancement Apps to show you... Read More →