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MCM Technology Adds Harris County, TX to Its Growing List of Clients

September 17, 2014: Harris County, Texas has chosen to move forward with MCM’s CommSHOP 360º solution to manage their entire 24 county radio network. Spanning more than 48,000 square miles and serving 1,242 customers, this is the largest customer of MCM’s to date.Harris County is MCM’s 6th implementation in the state of Texas, joining the City of Houston, Montgomery County, East Texas Medical Center, Texas Dept. of Criminal Justice, and Texas Dept. of Public Safety as current MCM customers.

  • Efficiently track all public safety communications assets such as portable and mobile radios, mobile data­ terminals, laptops, tower site equipment and more.
  • Properly maintain and repair all equipment as well as monitor the costs of such repair efforts.
  • Export recurring subscriber billing as well as time and material billing to the county’s third party financialapplication for seamless data sharing between the radio shop and the finance department.
  • Appropriately comply with any asset managing standards required by the rollout of FirstNet.

Commenting on Harris County’s decision to move forward with CommSHOP 360º, MCM’s President Tom Bartels said, “The Harris County implementation was a significant undertaking, and I can proudly say that our software and our personnel answered the call and exceeded expectations”. In regards to the impact CommSHOP 360º has had on their operation, Harris County’s Senior Manager of Radio Services, Robert Howard, stated, “Since the implementation of CommSHOP 360º, we have seen improvements on nearly every front of our operation. Of all the companies we’ve worked with, MCM is right there at the top. The design process, applications and even support have been great.”

Harris County joins the ranks of other large North American MCM clients such as Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Dept., Chicago Fire Dept., Seattle, WA, Denver, CO, Atlanta, GA, and Toronto, Canada.

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