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Louisville MetroSafe Communications to move forward with MCM

Louisville,KY-Louisville MetroSafe Communications has decided to move forward with MCM’s CommSHOP 360° asset and work order management solution. While some of the details of the implementation remain confidential, we can confirm that they purchased 20 user licenses and customized their solution with multiple add-on applications such as ID Management, WebSuite, and Workflow Alerts. Louisville’s EMA/MetroSafe Communications was established in 2005 as a phased approach to creating a one-stop shop for 9-1-1 call handling and dispatching. In addition, EMA/MetroSafe is comprised of the supporting departments of 9-1-1 addressing, National Crime Information Center (NCIC), Communication Services and Communications Training. The addition of an asset and work order management solution will greatly increase the level of efficiency within the organization.