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Introducing SightMAP 360º

Bring your data to life!

MCM’s latest enhancement application is an interactive mapping tool that seamlessly integrates with our core application, allowing you to see your operation in an entirely new light. By graphically mapping your infrastructure locations, SightMAP 360° doesn’t just tell you where your assets are located, it shows you.

See what your operation is missing

Through the SightMAP 360° graphical display, you can see information pertaining to:

    • What sites are in need of preventative maintenance
    • Where work orders of a certain type or status are being performed
    • What assets are located at a specific site or infrastructure location
    • Where service work needs to be performed

How does it work?

SightMAP 360° integrates directly with your CommSHOP 360° or CommASSET 360° core application. The core application serves as the back end database from which all asset and locational information will be pulled. SightMAP 360° then displays this information on and interactive map allowing you to view a specific locations’s information by selecting it from on the map.