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FirstNet Leading to Exciting New Opportunities


With FirstNet efforts in full swing to provide emergency responders with the first nationwide, Public Safety network dedicated to data interoperability, we are working closely with many of our customers to ensure they get the most value out of their MCM solution through integration with other applications within their organization.  By allowing our customers to further leverage existing technologies through interoperable data sharing, we hope to prepare them to comply with the objectives of FirstNet, an independent authority within the National Telecommunications & Information Administration under the US Dept. of Commerce.

Recently, MCM partnered with the City of Tampa Electronics Division in an effort to enhance their ability to not only manage the city’s radio system but also ensure reliable communications for their first responders. Tampa had recently purchased a technology solution called DiagnositX from Locus USA. This solution allows technicians to monitor a radio’s performance while it is live in the field thus allowing them to quickly diagnose when a subscriber unit is failing to perform at a certain level. By creating interoperability between the DiagnostX solution and MCM’s CommSHOP 360° Solution- which is being used to track all radio subscribers, infrastructure, and maintenance activities-technicians can quickly and easily find and repair radios before before they actually malfunction.

While some of our efforts – such as the DiagnostX and GenWatch3 integrations – are directly related to enhancing the ability to properly manage the radio system, other efforts are focused on simply reducing data entry requirements by sharing information amongst related asset and inventory databases. Having enterprise-wide accountability on all assets as well as the specific technology required to meet the operational needs of each department, entities can focus more on mission critical assignments rather than being tied to necessary, yet time consuming efforts of managing databases.

While FirstNet may bring an array of new guidelines and requirements for the Public Safety Communications Industry to abide by, it is also helping blaze the trail of innovation. It is forcing us to take a hard look at how we share data and the efficiency in which we share it. While changes can sometimes be hard, sometimes they are for the better and that’s exactly how our industry needs to view FirstNet.