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Did Someone Say Auto Provisioning?

From New Customers, to New
Applications, We've Been Busy...

SEPTEMBER 24, 2014- The last few months have been very exciting around MCM's offices. In addition to adding several new customers, we also released a new Core Application aimed directly at 2-way radio shops. The most exciting news however has happened in just the last week. Through the cooperation of one of our largest customers, Harris County, TX and one of our best partners, Genesis, we in the final stages of developing an application that allows users to provision radios directly from the MCM Core App. This is a monumental accomplishment that has been a goal of ours for many years. We are also putting the final touches on our Version 5.14 updates which will bring tons of new features and functionality to our products. Read below to learn more about everything that has been going on at MCM.

New Developments

  • Radio Provisioning Manager

Provisioning is a term used to define the ability to “turn-on” or “turn-off” (activate/disable) radios. We are currently testing a new Enhancement Application that will allow users to provision radios directly from MCM Core Applications. With the Radio Provisioning Manager, users will be able to enable/disable radios, assign/update master ID, and assign/update alias. Currently, MCM is the first and only asset management software company to offer this functionality. This is a very exciting addition to our suite of products and will make our customers even more efficient. We hope to have a fully tested product by year end and look forward to a proper product launch.

  • Version 5.14 Updates

The Version 5.14 Updates are in the final stages of testing. Within the next few weeks, we will schedule the updates webinar to discuss the changes that will come along with the updates. If you are a current customer of MCM, be on the look out for your webinar invitation. The update files will be distributed shortly afterwards.

  • XpressTRACK 360º

XpressTRACK 360º is a subscription-based, hosted asset management application designed specifically for two-way service shops and their customers. It allows your shop to record device level information such as asset identification, location and ownership information on the assets you are maintaining– keeping all asset data in one place. It also lets you track asset transfers, status changes, and maintenance events enabling you to build a complete history of asset activity. Learn more at

New Customers

  • Texas Department of Public Safety

The Texas Department of Public Safety came onboard late last month. They purchased MCM's CommSHOP 360º application with 50 licenses and an array of Enhancement Applications such as Radio ID Management, WebSUITE and WorkFLOW Alerts.

  • San Diego County Sheriff's Department

The San Diego Sheriff's Department purchased MCM's CommSHOP 360º application with 80 users licenses. They customized the functionality of their solution with several Enhancement Apps such as Radio ID management, WebSUITE and WorkFLOW Alerts, CommSHOP Mobile, and Recurring Billing.

  • St Louis County- Emergency Communications Commission

The The St. Louis County ECC purchased MCM's CommASSET 360º application with 6 licenses and and customized their functionality with Radio ID Management and WebASSET Manager.